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Short Story About Media House

One of the leading technical institutions in the Middle East grew up in light of the information boom to provide value-added services to its customers. Media House has been a pioneer in providing solutions in many fields of media and modern media technologies. Media House has branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt. This is due to its expertise in intelligent application programming, information technology, live streaming services for more than one satellite channel. Media production and e-marketing are still making its way to the world according to the expansion plans studied. Media House is a company that is keen to provide valuable services to its customers through a smart and flexible portal.

Our vision

We strive to be the first cooperation to provide innovative solutions and continually develop result-driven strategies to meet specific client needs.

Our mission

We aim to provide our customers with world-class online presence solutions combining creativity, innovation, and technical expertise that satisfy their needs. Resourceful management, effective communication, and competent customer service are the tools behind our success.

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    May, 2005
    Foundation of the Company

    The idea of creating MEDIA HOUSE started with the global Third Industrial Revolution, which affected all business sectors to change their strategies. At that time, many VAS companies were founded. they rose to popularity shortly after they were established, they made a good amount of sales, so they became well known from all around the world. VAS companies started going to media House as a producer for support to make a revenue by providing the operators with our content. We then knew that technology was gonna be our future, this was the beginning of Media House as a development company that develops media & technology solutions.

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    Jan, 2008
    Mobile Applications

    In 2008, the whole world began to focus on mobile applications that were not so prevalent at that time in the Middle East, but Media House's development team in Riyadh was able to make the decision to invest in the mobile applications industry and see how it works with our media. We were one of the first companies in the mobile application industry, not only in the Middle East but also globally, by purchasing global scripts for mobile applications to broadcast our media.

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    Sep, 2009
    Localization Development

    At that time, we wanted to make some localization to our mobile application functions to be in line with the business, and user experience in the Middle East, we have had many difficulties with non-local development companies. So, Media House decided to have its own mobile app development team.

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    Jan, 2010
    Media House Egypt

    The development team moved from Riyadh to Cairo with the founder to establish a software company specializing in mobile applications in Egypt. But the challenge was not easy at that time, as there were no expert Engineers that could do the job properly, but the great engineer/ Amir Tawfik was hired as a software expert to do this challenge and achieve the goals, which led the company in Cairo wisely and was able to make the first local applications by Egyptian engineers in the success story impressed all partners.

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    Jan, 2011
    Transformation Year

    This year saw many success stories and remarkable development in services. Where all departments of Media House to provide its services effectively and intensive, such as the development of Shaabeyat application, the first application of Gulf folk content in Saudi Arabia, powered by Mobily, STC, and Zain. This year also saw the birth of IPTV services, cloud services (CDN) and video on demand (VOD). We have become a certified business company by Apple and Google as well as strategic partners with BlackBerry at the MENA region.

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    Jan, 2012
    Becoming Media Agency

    In 2012, Media House has fully transformed into a media agency advanced in managing many of marketing and advertising campaigns entirely. Where we have all the old and new media solutions at the same time, we have long been media production company, value-added services for operators, content management, websites, mobile and web applications, content writing, design, programing.... etc, The same year, we added Digital media solution such as Social Media Management (SMM), SEO, CRO, and CTR. On the other side, we added advertising agent services for newspapers, magazines, TVC, and OOH to integrate with the traditional media on demand. Since 2012 we have been providing our customers with these services and more under one roof until now. such as GPH, Abdullah Al Othaim Leisure and more.

  7. Jan, 2013
    Business Intelligence

    After expanding services, Client and information in Media House, we had to launch AI services that will help us and our customers analyze the data in order to make the right decision at the right time, we were integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Alexa. Media House built-in control panel is analyzing the most important and largest digital solutions, using the built-in APIs. most distinguish control panel automatically updates every two seconds. It has management features to support digital team with their goals and follows their presence. We are one of the first companies to introduce AI in digital marketing in the region.

  8. Jan, 2015

    From 2014 to 2018, the company has expanded significantly in many areas and developed many solutions in different sectors. Including the establishment of Car House company for transportation smart services and automotive PR that developed solutions of Automotive magazine Carnews2day, application Taxi Masr. It has also developed many application solutions in multiple areas, religious tourism "Halal Travel", medical clinics Clinico apps, in the field of event management "Home Event" and many others and the expansion in many areas using our extensive experience in the development.

  9. Jan, 2018
    Artificial Intelligence

    Since 2014, the research and development team within Media House has been conducting studies on artificial intelligence, which led us to success in 2018 to develop applications that work according to the revolution of artificial intelligence, as artificial intelligence represents the future of companies and the global economy, it's clear that the future will fully work through the manufacture of applications characterized by artificial intelligence, which works through smartphones and Android. We are interested in artificial intelligence in the field of corporate applications sector and in particular in measuring the Benchmarking key capabilities, we started this through the Riyadh Chamber project to transform them to be a regional center for trade and develop a strategy to reach this goal. By 2021 Media House will release GIC application, which we are working now with all our capacity to keep pace with the global boom in artificial intelligence for companies.


Deep knowledge and expertise in marketing solutions, software development, and offline marketing.


Long-term client relationships with word-class support and maintenance


Provides the best people and data experts are highly proficient in business requirements, technology development, user interface design, and quality assurance.


Strategic relationships with alliance partners, including leading technology providers.


Uses world-class methodologies for project implementation


After research and analysis, we can rapidly tailor the best solutions to meet clients’ specific needs
Providing excellent support for our customers by going the extra mile in making sure our customer is satisfied and happy with Media House’s services, by providing service to a customer in a timely.
Communication, effective leadership and Trust are the keys that we are following to get successful teamwork, Our team communicates well with each other to focus on goals and results. when they offer each other support that means Everyone contributes their fair share
We improve the performance of our team by identifying the most important behaviors for great managers at our organization. Also, Providing them with clear benchmarking reports to help build future plans and solving problems.

Our Vision

We strive to be the first cooperation to provide innovative solutions and continually develop result-driven strategies to meet specific client needs.

Our Customers Say

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If you mention success, you can not override the difficult numbers in the equation of success of "Media House", a march honored to keep up with and grow with it since 2012 to today in various fields of technology, media, marketing, and making qualitative leaps in various sectors and at all levels locally and regionally. I am proud that Media House has been one of my accumulated experience in media and business management.
Tammam Jajah
Tammam Jajah
Sales Manager
The dearest team I wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to pitch you on expanding our business. We know you are incredibly busy and we’re grateful you gave us of your time and support and way to success. Hope we will stay partners forever with your amazing team knowledge and high business behavior.
Nermin Sadeq
Nermin Sadeq
Business Development
As per my experience with Media House, ad customer is awesome and very supportive in nature whenever help is required. as a customer, I rate this company as an awesome and excellent
Irfan Pasha
Irfan Pasha
Procurement MO (F&A)

Our Valuable Clients

Over the years, Media House has been the best selection for market-leading companies in our region. Media House services quality has always supported us to have a rewarding relationship with our clientele.