E-commerce Websites Development

The Main Elements that we Care About while Programming your Online Store

Media House has all the solutions for e-commerce development technologies of the highest quality, as we have the best strategy that enables you to reach your customers easily. You can reach your customers through e-commerce technologies. We can serve you whether you own an e-commerce store or you are a beginner in the field through Media House's expert team of e-commerce. If your activity is selling products or services, see now the advantages of our services in developing e-commerce platforms. You can also get advice from our technical team to reach more customers.

MH E-commerce Programming Strategy

Many strategies are depending on your goals, but Media House's strategy is always concerned with how to reach the largest number of customers for your e-commerce. To achieve this goal, you must first make sure that your online store works wonderfully with all devices (computers - mobiles - tablets). Therefore, we care about good design and that the design and development of your website are compatible with mobile users. As all statistics indicate that mobile users are the most used of websites.

The Main Elements that we care about while Programming your Online Store

Responsive website design
The websites are no longer limited to computers as they were in the past as the user has been browsing the websites extensively through phones and tablets. On the contrary, the rate of browsing the website through the phone has become very large, and therefore, we are always working to ensure that the site is responsive to all devices and according to the size of the screen display. This greatly helps the user in reading the content and the appearance of the images clearly while also using the site appropriately according to each screen, the operating system, and the browser.
attractive, Easy-to-Navigate
According to the latest user behavior studies, we know that we have a maximum of 10 seconds to make an impression on a website visitor. During these few seconds, you must drag their attention to what they will get from your website. Therefore, we must be well prepared for them to find the products, items, pictures, baskets, and searches for the products they need. There are also other functions such as related products, the possibility of adding a comment, payment/shipment methods, high-quality pictures for products, a description of the products, and an attractive layout programming your website.
Web page loading speed
We must provide the website's customers with the convenience of shopping and enjoyable experience. One of the most annoying problems for shoppers is the fast loading of the website pages. Studies have proven that the percentage of leaving the site due to slow loading may reach 40%, and this is a very large percentage. A delay of one second on any page of the site to a loss of 7% of users. So you should know that it is not difficult to own an e-commerce website, but the difficult thing is that this online store has the speed of a missile in the digital space age.
Product visualization
We know very well that convincing online shoppers to buy a product is a difficult thing, in many cases, the shopper has a fear of buying the product and asks themselves if this product is appropriate for their needs. Therefore, we show the product specifications during development as an essential element to help the shopper in forming an opinion about the product through the description, adding more than one high-quality image of the single product, and to put an explanatory video on the product specifications.
Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory

How can an order be delivered in 15 minutes? Media House's developers' programming is the best way to manage the inventory of commerce websites, it simply works by artificial intelligence. Our warehouse management applications are distinguished by using features that make you save the operation costs significantly by using Google Maps technologies, demand history of products, quantities, the nearest store, nearby representative, and to determine the shipment delivery time information with the buyer. The application analyzes the closest order/store/representative to arrange orders based on collected data. Could you have imagined that the smart inventory application can deliver some products within 15 minutes of ordering!

E-commerce KPIs

Performance indicators are one of the main factors in the success of e-commerce via the Internet where performance indicators help you monitor and determine progress towards goals. Media House's team is building the best performance indicators for the E-Commerce website so that we monitor everything that helps you and your team in making the right decision at the right time.

(KPIs) Performance Indicators Types

We have many types of performance indicators such as quantitative, qualitative, revealing of the past, or prediction of the future. We have divided the key performance indicators into four categories. (Management - Marketing - Sales - Customer Service). (KPIs also touch on various business operations).
Sales KPIs
It is one of the most important indicators that must be done accurately to follow the sales movement during the time periods, with a complete analysis of the purchase basket and comparison of products, for example, Average order size / Average margin / Conversion rate / Number of transactions / Gross profit / New customer orders vs. returning customer orders / Product affinity / Shopping cart abandonment rate / Revenue per visitor (RPV) / Inventory levels.
Management KPIs
Management KPIs give you a clear vision of the performance of your management team and the tasks that have been completed, such as the number of working hours, budgets, return on investment (ROI), cost difference, and cost performance indicators (CPI).
Marketing KPIs
Through these indicators, you can track your marketing performance and what rang your achievements of marketing and advertising goals through your e-commerce site, with the possibility of combining them with sales indicators to determine the gauge of their impact on sales KPIs. It works to understand and analyze the shopper's behavior and reactions. For example, Site traffic / Time on site / Pageviews per visit /Bounce rate / Average session duration / Number and quality of product reviews / Subscriber growth rate / Unsubscribes.
Customer Service KPIs
Customer service indicators guarantee you a more effective customer experience. It tells you how satisfied and effective they are and whether your e-commerce website meets their needs. It is divided into several indicators including Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, rate of interaction, number of conversations with customer service staff, and issue analysis.

No Need to Worry, Your Customers are in Safe Hands

We always guarantee that developing your store by Media House team will make your customers always satisfied, safe and receive high-quality services. This is by adding high importance features for your customers on the e-commerce website. For example search and filter service, customer reviews, offers, discount coupons, strong shopping cart, simple and safe payment methods, contact information, social media, cybersecurity, exchange, and Return/Exchange Info.