A social media dashboard is a social media management tool that companies can use to view their social media presence across multiple channels or accounts, through a single interface.
“Media House” control panel, is the user interface that organizes and provides information through charts and diagrams to find out the current situation and the integration of indicators and analysis. Those analytics help businessmen to get a clear vision for making their decisions, we guarantee for you update speed and numerous features. Characteristics and specifications of the dashboard are:
1- Social media websites
•the integration of social media websites on one page.
•Monitoring the number of subscribers throughout the hour, day, month for each page.
•Integrate indicators for comparison and tracking.
•Number of daily publications.
•Set a goal for each indicator and control.
•Proportion of interaction index on Facebook all over the week.
•indicators the number of new visitors to the pages of Facebook
•identify user trends by integrating Google tool.

•Identify the trend, whether global or specific country so they can keep up with the trend.
2- Website indicators
•Develop daily visits indicators.
•All indicators of Google Analytics or Web applications
•indicators of the world rankings for your website
•The number of internal and external links.

3- Objectives and target audience with the user powers
•Set a goal for each indicator and analyzed and measured
•Identification of the target in terms of type, age, quantity and country audiences
•define the powers of users divided into groups.
•checkpoint to see any of the present users with a monitoring within the record can refer to it.
4- GENERAL Features
•Panel used for unification and arrangement of numbers and standards that lets you make immediate decisions.
•Knowledge of time to rise or drop your indicators, and to avoid any waste of time or loss.
•Indicators and descriptive curves in all the time.
•Archiving of all data to the probability of use at any time with the ability to transport to a PDF file.
•Self-update data every two seconds without the need to refresh the Web page.
•Summary for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly indicators for each media content Facebook Twitter Google Plus YouTube

•Daily indicators to compare your performance in your work according to marketing trends.
•View the current status of metrics and key performance indicators.
•Integrate indicators with sales programs through APIs.
•The possibility of merging any indicators within the Control Panel.