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Mobile Application development

Apple applications
There are billions of people using iPhone these days. If you want your business to reach to a huge range of target audiences then it’s a great opportunity for you to make your business available for your iOS users.
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Android Applications
Due to the rapid growth of the Android applications industry which became important for businesses. Media House IMC develops secure and advanced Android applications to fulfill the demands of our customers.
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Applications Market Size

Mobile Applications are following different business models to generate revenue in a number of ways. just a few apps at the top of this industry. The reason for this is the quality, process of application manufacturing and creative ideas to satisfy smartphone users. Media house doesn't' clone the applications ideas, we create them especially, Because of programming by using the native languages.

Google Play 2.47 million apps

Apple Store 1.8 million apps

Spend time on apps thru mobile 90%
2021 Mobile e-commerce will be 67%
Google play applications 57%
Apple store applications 43%

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay


Applications Methodology

The development of smartphone applications within Media House goes through proficient stages that contribute to the success of the business, starting from the idea, artificial intelligence and business intelligence, Deployment and much more.
  • Business Landscape Analysis, Case Study.
  • System Business Analysis, and application functionalities.
  • Design of Application UI/UX.
  • Development System Architecture.
  • application deployment based on the business dossier.
  • Testing and Running / Quality Control Manual
  • Building Business Intelligence for Application.
  • Uploading application on the stores.
  • (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimization and debugging.

Ultimate Guide for Mobile App Development

How have trends tweaked and impacted the app development process steps! Media House follows major six steps in the development process
After decided on target, budget, features, and timeline, it’s the time of UI design through various ways to get the concept of the functionalities of the mobile application. Our UI/UX team are caring about storyboarding : the exact UX layout of every screen in pages of application including banners, buttons, and icons by unique UI. The screens of application always range with its essential objective. Don't lose users while using the app.
Idealization App
Stage how caring about filling a need gap and addressing a pain point. if the mobile application fixes an authentic problem of the target audience, it's can be turned into a successful app. All this can be set by forthright market research, performing a competitors’ analysis, and incorporation well-defined goals and objectives into a timeline.
In fact, developing the app embraces a number of procedures and processes. Over the development stage, Media House developers will start the accomplishment of the prototype and functionality of an application. our development team fully realizes the goals of any application. high-resolution performance of wireframes appears the interface users will finally use to interact with the mobile application, so we make sure that designs combine all collected feedback over the previous testing stages.
During the test, important to guarantee that the application has the highest level of UX/UI, also all of its functions operable by a single hand, A single finger, also the number of clicks do the users have to make in order to receive the service. When we are confident the app is implemented correctly in all scenarios and completely satisfied with user experience and usability of an interface.
Application -launch
Application Launch
The essential goal of this stage is to earn a good number of downloads for the app. And that includes a lot of work, which can be divided into major steps such as, App store optimization, SEO for the app's website, organic reach through social media.... and more
It an important step that follow-through after the release of an app because the successful launch does not mean that your app will see success on the entire. Post-launch control, analytics, continuously updating the app for fixing bugs for crashes, online listening, checking reviews in order to take action.