Digital Advertising


Advertising Methodology

It is highly influential because of the hypothetical digital presence that is most stimulating through more than one digital media and more than one direction, to promote the products or services at the perfect time. Using Digital networks to communicate the idea and clarify the advantages of the product, services or brand and achieve the goals of our clients. What distinguishes our digital ads is that they are based on a well-planned including the target audience, gathering information, determining the state of competition and analyzing media channels intensively before the campaign to decide the best selection.
  • Digital advertising Is A Long-Range Strategy.
  • You’re In control With High power.
  • Digital advertising is Highly Effective.
  • Digital Advertising will Create A Big Fan-Base.
  • Helping to Reach The best Kind Of Customer.

Take your ad spend to the next ad valuable level

Just select which online advertising that will get success for your business. we are using multiple innovative technologies of the wild range online advertising,
Video Advertising
it's popular advertisements because they are very stylish and subtle advertising, also you can use it for many purposes. Media House produces and manages for different types of videos like Overlay ads, Mid-roll, Post-roll, Pre-roll, In-Text, Interactive Video, In-Game Video Ads.
(PPC) Pay-Per-Click
Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC), the most popular advertising pattern that we use to push traffic to the land page when it comes to a Push marketing strategy. we can achieve a lot for your brand by focusing on (Landing Page Quality - Keyword Relevance - Quality Score - Creative). FYI 64.6% of people click on ads when they are shopping online.
Social Advertising
it's the digital age, everywhere are sincerely embracing social media ads Due to they have changed the people's lifestyle Since 2004, social media has been increasing exponentially. 3.2 billion present 42% of the population is using social media.
Display Advertising
Display ads are a form of advertising on third-party websites that are pertinent to advertising that conveys a commercial message using pop up ads, video ads, images, wallpapers, banners, and text.