Modern application technology has become a major element in the whole world such as mobile apps, web applications, CMS, CRM, etc. At Media House, we provide you with applications to be tailored or specific for each segment of the target audience so you can manage your products, services and attract new customers efficiently and effectively.
Media Agency
Despite the impressive development in the media sector, which operates through more sophisticated platforms, creativity remains the strongest currency of media agencies. Which is professionally handled by us in order to achieve the best rates of Measuring Marketing ROI, increase the conversion rate, Reducing Customer Churn Rate. So we do our best to develop creativity.“We like a challenge”.
Business Intelligence
We are all aware that providing the right data for the right person at the right time is a prerequisite for any organization's success. Therefore, we appreciate the BI effort made to make this easy and in the shortest possible time, through data analysis tools and building key performance indicators to arrive in the shortest possible time for decision-making. We set the second as a measure of the connectivity, analysis, and results. All are available on the administrator control panel for decision making.
Artificial intelligence
What can be achieved for the corporate sector with Artificial Intelligence is already amazing! We use Artificial Intelligence extensively in automating business applications that automate, simplify processes, and process data to improve efficiency. Artificial Intelligence also reduces repetitive tasks and gives us precision in performing those tasks.
Digital Marketing
One of our main aims at Media House, is predicting and knowing the trends that are forming our daily marketing process. Here you’re going to find all the targeted marketing solutions, such as strategic planning, executive plan, research and development (R&D), and many more...
Mobile Applications
We are one of the leading companies in the field of developing mobile applications where we work in this industry since its inception in the Middle East. We have been working in the mobile applications sector from 2008 until now. Media House has developed many applications for more than one organization on the Apple, Android and Blackberry systems until we got to be strategic partners with BlackBerry.
Business Intelligence
Since 2013, we have been working with BI to support decision making. Also, we are one of the leading companies in the MENA region in integration with significant digital measuring tools. We have the best engineers, experts, and systems analysts working with KPIs Dashboards and measurement panels to serve our clients. Make a decision based on facts extracted from databases with automated analysis, and this helps our clients to take the right decision at the right time.
Social Media
Social Media revolution has become one of the most influential marketing methods in the target audience decision-making, so we are always keen on being part of the media house digital service packages. We know that there are many competitors, but what distinguishes us is our passion for building interactive programs based on building content and creating the most influential event. At Media House we have everything customers need under one roof, from strategic planning, analysis, social media management, creative content, and outreach.
Advertising Solution
Media House provides customers with everything they need from traditional and modern advertising methods. We are one of the best agents who are experts in Ads. We also have many success stories in various types of advertising and campaign management. We have an amazing relationship with all means of advertising, at the local and global levels. Traditional ones such as TV ads, radio Commercials, OOH, In Mall & Cinema ads, newspapers and magazines, gift items and printing, and modern ones such as digital ads (Google ads, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Mobility, influencers campaigns, digital magazines, websites development, while providing high-quality Media production and logistic support team.
Performance Improvement
Organizations need to thoroughly analyze performance results, manage initiatives which work on improving these results, we also conduct a performance management system recalibration to ensure it's rather well managed, analyzed and developed. And that is by building integrated performance indicators. We always ensure that we are able to combine all indicators with the development of standard indicators dynamically, then we put those indicators in a unified Dashboard that can be followed precision to have a clear vision of the low indicators and putting all solutions to improve them according to the latest tactics.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
To optimize the functionalities of your application, CRO tools are needed, it's one of the best practices to optimize your site, which will help you understand the whys and hows of visitor behavior. At Media House, conversion rate optimization service is the secret of success. There are many companies that can develop applications, but this is not a challenge for the success of your business. Rather, we create custom applications for our customers according to the vision of the target audience. After developing the applications, you should test and analyze dynamically through a simple segment of the target audience. This stage is called improving the conversion rate CRO by the optimization tools, application development is no longer just an idea based on expectation, but we transform the application into a reality by users. By indicators review, defects can be identified precisely.

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Our working process
Measure the client's key capabilities to stand on the most important gaps that need to be fixed
Through R&D specialists team to find the best solutions according to the budgets, which always guarantee of ROI
Who Does What?. The project manager prepares a robust executive plan, which includes time and resources to reach objectives
The Metrics Effectiveness should be built to address key people surrounding a business, such as statistics of sales teams monitor, a campaign and technology, performance

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The dearest team I wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to pitch you on expanding our business. We know you are incredibly busy and we’re grateful you gave us of your time and support and way to success. Hope we will stay partners forever with your amazing team knowledge and high business behavior. Wish you and us all success. To the most professional crew ever
Nermin Sadeq
Business Development
Nermin Sadeq
If you mention success, you can not override the difficult numbers in the equation of success of "Media House", a march honored to keep up with and grow with it since 2012 to today in various fields of technology, media, marketing, and making qualitative leaps in various sectors and at all levels locally and regionally. I am proud that Media House has been one of my accumulated experience in media and business management.
Tammam Jajah
Business Development
Tammam Jajah
As per my experience with Media House, ad customer is awesome and very supportive in nature whenever help is required. as a customer, I rate this company as an awesome and excellent
Irfan Pasha
Procurement MO (F&A)
Irfan Pasha

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